At Gold Hill our Prospects group meets the particular needs of adults in the community with learning disabilities. Prospects also welcomes people from the community with special needs.

Group meetings provide an opportunity to make the good news of Jesus accessible to people who are dearly loved by God yet often marginalised by society. Prospects enables them to experience regular fellowship, and enjoy worship and Bible study together:
·         everyone feels welcome and valued
·         people get to know each other well and offer one another practical and 
          prayerful support
·         worship is interactive and inclusive so those who don't read are not left out
·         Bible study is simplified to make it understandable and relevant
Meetings are held twice a month, once on a Saturday morning and once on a Sunday afternoon. Each meeting starts with refreshments and includes a time for sharing news and for prayer. In addition, the Saturday meetings involve plenty of activities such as games, handicrafts, cooking etc., and the Sunday meetings centre around a time of worship where everyone can take part in singing, playing instruments, using flags, drama and in Bible study.
For more information on Prospects, meeting dates and times, please call the church office on 01753 887 173 or email

Our group is one of over 200 groups nationwide affiliated to Prospects, a national Christian voluntary organisation.
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