Pastoral Care

Life Groupsare the primary source of pastoral support for our members, and each person is encouraged to belong to one.

For more information on our Life Groups, please click here.

We also have a core pastoral team, who help church members be fruitful in their care for one another, and who also focus on people who are needing extra support.

We believe that Prayer is the way we make sure we are going the right way and enables us to face the future with certainty and hope. During and after services our Prayer Team is always available to pray with you. They are trusted and mature members of the church who respect confidences. The team also prays for people at other times for healing and in emergencies.
Sometimes we face more complex concerns and situations that cannot be fully met by prayer and the most sympathetic care. In such cases we have a team of qualified counsellors who are able to offer the professional help any of us may need.
For more details about our
Counselling Service, please click here.