Encountering God

One of our core aims at Gold Hill is to enable authentic encounters with God's Spirit in small, medium and large gatherings, whether these be regular or occasional.

We meet on a weekly basis on Sundays -  some gatherings are in the church building and others are off-site. Several times per year we meet in combined celebrations (large gatherings).  You can also become involved in one of our wide range of small groups, known as Life Groups, which generally meet on a weekly basis..

8:15am reflective communion service, 10am celebrate, and 7.00pm 'FRESH' at Gold Hill Baptist Church Building.


7.00pm 'BREATHE' - Youth worship at CSP Youth Centre

Breathe New DAY  TIMEFRESH New Time Jan 2016

Periodically we aim to have time away together, for example on our whole-church weekends away, on mission trips to a range of destinations and situations, or with our partner organisation Gold Hill Holidays.

We have been inspired for many years to become a House of Prayer, and this is a key element of our Encounter with God.

If you'd like to know more, please contact us office@goldhill.org