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ET170723 A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 39 minutes
Reference:Romans 8:22-31
Malcolm Duncan giving a word of encouragement from Romans 8: 22-31. As Christians, we are never promised that our circumstances will be changed, but rather that God will be with us throughout, and that all things taken together can work for good. We can be encouraged from these verses that: 1) Bad can be turned to good. 2) Good can’t be taken away. 3) The best is yet to come.
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MT170723b "THY KINGDOM COME" [04] (am2 - series A147}Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 47 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:9
"Holy is Your Name" (04) Malcolm Duncan teaching from Matt. 6:9. We easily understand that God himself is holy, but why should his name also be hallowed? To a Jew, a person’s name was more than a means of identification, but rather a reflection of their character…..and thus God’s name was to be respected as God and His name were one and the same.
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MT170723a "HOPEFUL PEOPLE" [14] (am1 - series A145)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 15 minutes
Reference:Colossians 1:27
"Christ in us the hope of glory" (14) Malcolm Duncan looking at Colossians 1: 27 where Paul makes the gospel message very personal for the Colossian Christians to whom he is writing: he encourages them that as saved believers, they have Christ in them already, and can thus be confident of eternity in heaven with Christ.
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 52 minutes
Prophetic Preaching (1) - The prophetic voice of the church.
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ET170709 THE GOD WHO LIFTS US (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 38 minutes
"The God Who Lifts Us’ Malcolm Duncan speaking about being honest as to where we are in life – restoring balance and being open and vulnerable to allow God to refresh and renew us.
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MT170709b "THY KINGDOM COME" [03] (am2 - series A147)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 40 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:9
"Thy Kingdom Come (04) Malcolm Duncan considers the phrase ‘In Heaven’ in the Lord’s prayer: we are reminded that we have the extraordinary privilege of praying to a Father who is closer to us than any other, and yet one in a place of awesome holiness, power & majesty.
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MT170709a "HOPEFUL PEOPLE" [12] (am1 - series A145)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 17 minutes
Reference:Colossians 1:22-23
"The Hope for the Church" (12) Malcolm Duncan continuing in Colossians 1, focusing on verse 24 which reminds us that the calling of Christians is to willingly and joyfully endure hardship for the sake of Christ, his kingdom, and his body the church.
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ET170702 MISSION (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 59 minutes
Mission Sunday evening. Malcolm Duncan having a discussion with Jonny Thiessen.
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MT170702b A NEW PARADIGM FOR MISSION (am)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 18 minutes
Mission Sunday - A new paradigm for mission. We celebrate God's call to us to be missional and explore what it means to put mission at the heart of all we are and all we do.'
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ET170625 BAPTISMAL SERVICEMalcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 24 minutes
Baptismal Service. Malcolm Duncan and baptismal candidates speaking prior to baptisms taking place.
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